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Early Hopes and Dreams.

Hopes and dreams are fun, aren’t they? It can be very easy to get lost in a world of wonderment, where you can explore freely and be anyone or anything you desire.

A superhero, a magical unicorn, famous, ordinary, a parent, independent, tall, short, fat, thin, it really doesn’t matter what you dream, so long as it makes you happy and so long as you don’t lose yourself….(But that’s a different blog, for a different day, maybe even a different site!)

When I was young I dreamed of being an archaeologist. I loved collecting stones, the prettier the better.

I also dreamed of becoming a writer, a Therapist practicing in Child Psychology, a Teacher, a Nail Technician and a Vet. (Although after watching James Herriot insert his entire arm inside a cow, I soon let that dream go!)

Two of life’s magical tools I have found useful in my life are perspective and flexibility.

Christmas 1986 Santa gave me a Manicure set. It was then I realised, at the tender age of 8, I couldn’t have nice nails and still become an Archaeologist.

Fast forward to 1992, the year I took my options. None of the options on offer to me would have led me to being a nail technician, but Child Development was on offer, so I focussed on Child Psychology, eventually leading to a degree in Youth and Childhood Studies with Psychology.

Throughout my student years, I still collected pretty stones, partculary ones with holes in, and I still continued to look after my nails, which throughout my teens were regularly glittered.

Following a 25 year career working with children, as a pre-school teacher, owning after school and holiday clubs, working as an SEN, Childrens health worker, Baby Massage Teacher, family support worker, I retrained.

I went back to my roots, my love of pretty stones, or Crystals as I now know them to be and became a Crystal Therapist. I also built on my Baby Massage Teaching and trained in Indian Head Massage and Full Body Massage.

Whizzing back, temporarily to 2003, I had Reiki whilst pregnant with my son. I was initially sceptical, but after experiencing my unborn child’s response to Reiki, was not just instantly convinced but instantly filled with desire to learn more.

Returning to more recent times, one day a Crystal Client spoke to me of what she had experienced during the session I had given her, explaining to me she is a Reiki Master herself and that I was unknowingly naturally sharing Reiki energy, and should train in Reiki, which I did.

And so here I am, 40 years old, a holistic therapist offering Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Card Readings and Massage, with a collection of beautful stones – Crystals – that I didn’t have to ruin my nails to aquire!

As I said two magical tools I found useful in life are perspective and flexibility.

Did I become a Child Psychologist or a Teacher? No. Have a worked within childrens mental health & spent years teaching? Yes.

Did I become an Archaeologist? No. Do I work with beautiful Crystals? Yes!

Sometimes it can be easy to become fixated on how we think things should be, that we forget to look at how they are being, and how they are being is exactly how they are meant to be, even if we don’t understand why at the time.

You want to be a superhero? Did you ever smile at a stanger and have them smile back at you? Maybe that was the best part of their day. You already are a superhero.

You want to be a magical unicorn? Did you ever drag yourself out of bed to get on with life even when you felt you couldn’t go on? That is truly magical, now go get yourself some glitter and a shiny horn.

As for me……. I will continue to hope, dream and believe in all things magical.